Connect@UPMC Quick Setup

This process is for PCs only. If you have a Mac, please see this link.


  1. Windows XP
  2. Windows 7

Please note:
If you have any issues with this procedure, please check the Connect@UPMC Help Center before calling (412) 647-HELP for support.

You must have administrative privileges on your PC to continue.

Windows XP

  1. Run the System Readiness Check to ensure your PC is configured properly to access Connect@UPMC.

  2. Install the Connect@UPMC Software.

    1. Click here and select "Run" when prompted. This will install the Citrix Receiver Client.
    2. Follow instructions during setup.
    3. Close all instances of Internet Explorer. Reboot if prompted.

  3. Go to and log in.

  4. Make sure to install any Active X controls or files that may pop up in the information bar at the top of your web browser after clicking the Sign In button:
  5. Information Bar Message

    Information Bar Menu

Windows 7

  1. Find Internet Explorer from Start -> All Programs, right-click on Internet Explorer and click Run As Administrator

    Screenshot 1
    Click Yes if you get a prompt Do you want to allow the follow programs to make changes to your computer?

  2. Go to and enter in your username, security questions (*if needed) and your password

  3. Secure application manager with start to download. (you might be prompted again for the Do you want to allow the follow programs to make changes to your computer?, if so click Yes)

  4. Once you are logged in you will notice a blue gear icon in the bottom right hand corner of your screen near the system clock

    Juniper icon

  5. Next log off and go to and scroll down to Installation Files and click on PC Client under the Citrix XenApp Web Client

    Juniper icon

  6. After clicking on PC Client you will see a prompt to Run, Save or Cancel, click down-arrow next to Save and click Save As

    Save As promt

  7. Then save the file onto your desktop and click Save

    Save promt

  8. Find the icon on your desktop, right click on the icon and click Run as administrator

    Run As Admin

    *You might get a prompt Do you want to allow the following program to make changes to your computer? Click Yes

  9. Citrix will now start to Install and you will then receive a window that says, once complete.

    install complete

  10. Now go back to and login and click on any application that you wish to run.

Please note that you may have to disable or configure any personal firewall software you may be running before logging into Connect@UPMC.

If you get any error messages, visit the Connect@UPMC Help Center. It has fixes for all of the most common error messages.

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